How to Relieve Chest Congestion

Remedies to help chesty child

It is 2am on Monday morning, and you have not slept a wink, you have to be up in the next 4 hours, how will you survive? You can not call in an off day again, your boss is already on your case. You are a single parent, you need this job. But what can you do, your toddler is  so chesty, he/she can’t sleep, so you can’t sleep.

You have tried everything, you are anxious, frustrated and exhausted. You get to your knees begging God to help with tears of exhaustion rolling down your face.

Having a toddler be sick is no joke, it takes everything out of you, but there are a few useful hacks you can use to soothe his/her chest and to help you get through the night.

  1. Take a deep breathe, recenter yourself, your baby needs you.
  2. Go to your vegetable rack take out  a whole fresh ginger, cut it into thin slices and place it in a band aid, apply the band aid with 2 drops of lavender right in the center of your little one’s chest, this will help draw the mucus that is stuck on his/her little lungs.
  3. Take a wheat/heat bag, warm it up,according to skin sensitivity, wrap in a pillowcase and place it on your toddler’s chest, this will help stop the post nasal drip and thin the mucus so it can flow better. (PS also this helps soothe baby). *** If fever is present do not use warm bag***
  4. Take a teaspoon of raw honey mix with a pinch of cinnamon and give it as a cough syrup. Honey has great soothing properties.
  5. Take a menthol rub that is suitable for toddlers and massage your little ones’s feet, this will calm him/her and help them fall asleep.
  6. Finally get some rest, even 2 hours of sleep is better than no sleep at all.

Best of luck, and remember “”you are a great mommy”.


January 2018 almost over! Now what???

Hello everyone, so the holidays are over, it is back to work, back to school, back to reality. How is  the new year, new you challenge going? This year are you wanting a new job? Maybe wanting to lose weight? Maybe you are looking for “the one” or maybe you have sworn of something that is really bad for you.

At the end of an old year and a start of a new one, it is human nature to reflect and make promises to ourselves that we are going to do things differently, but here is my question to you, it is now five days left of the very first month of this new year and what have you done to achieve any of your 2018 goals?

This is a scary question, but do not be alarmed because trust me when I tell you, you are not alone when it comes to this challenge. It is sadly human to procrastinate, because change is hard and scary but let me tell you a story that may make you see this new year, new you challenge in a different light.

A few years back I met a young lady, she was down and out, for the sake of this blog we will call her Belle. Belle was 18, and had lost her family in a freak accident, she had just finished school and was now working as a waitress in a corner cafe. She was so withdrawn and had a sweet soft smile which she rarely showed. Having walked into the cafe she came up to me to take my order, I remember thinking to myself what sad eyes she had, I could not resist the urge to ask; are you okay dear? She looked at me with a gentle smile and said; yes mam I am fine thank you, then she turned to walk away, but something held her back, she looked at me and said softly; I am sorry, it is just that today is a very sad day for me. My heart sank, I could feel her pain, I asked her to sit down with me and have a chat, she explained to me that it was exactly one year to the day that she had lost her entire family in a motor accident.

I bought her a cup of coffee and asked her manager if she could have the day off due to the circumstances, we chatted for  hours that day. Belle was fascinating, she had such a powerful spirit however it seemed like this last year had really knocked her down. It was mid afternoon and time for us to part, she thanked me for the chat, and we walked our separate ways. I never forgot Belle but neither did I see her again, you see after that day she quit her job at that cafe.

Last December I met Belle again, I was sitting at that very same cafe when a strikingly beautiful women walked in, she was smartly dressed and the staff there seemed to know her well. At the time I did not recognize her, she was so different, she had this aura of radiant happiness. She must have recognized me immediately though, because she walked up to me and without an ounce of hesitation said; “Thank You”.

My heart skipped a beat, I smiled and asked her why, she proceeded to tell me who she was, I could not believe my eyes, she was so full of life and joy. She told me that after our conversation that day something I told her kept running through her mind; now extremely curious, I asked her what I has said to her, she paused for a moment as if to heighten the suspense and then said; ” Your past is painful, will your future be the same?”. She went on to tell me, that these words made her realized that she had to change her circumstance or her life would continue to be series of painful events. She began working at a technology company as a volunteer cleaner, the company allowed her to sleep on the property. She would work at different restaurants at night and on weekends, to make money which she used to study . For four years she slept in the place she worked at and studied, when she qualified much to the amazement of her boss who was unaware of her desire to study, she was offered an intern position to work at the company, however she declined. She was grateful for the opportunity but she was determined not to be tied down ever again. She continued working as a cleaner and set up her own part time business, she managed to pick up a few leads because of her job as a waitress, she freelanced and worked hard and eventually her company took off, today she runs one the the biggest technology companies in the city. At this point I was more than intrigued, I asked her about the cafe, “the staff know you well here hey”, I said. She then told me, she now owns that cafe, you see, “this was were my dreams begin, were it not for this place, I would never have turned my dreams into my reality, this little cafe reminds me everyday of the answer to your question, “pain may have been my past, yes, but it will not be my future!”.

This brings me back to 2018 goals, yes it will be difficult, yes you will fall of the wagon maybe even more than once, it may take twice as long as you expected, or you may get it right at the very start, you will only know once you get started. Do not sabotage your future out of fear of your past.

Remember, “procrastination is the thief of your dreams”.

2018, a year of conquerors !!! 


Valentines Day for Single Parents – from terror to terrific.

It all begin as soon as the the year started, all those heart shaped decorations and gifts and cards and adverts, it is constantly in your face, everywhere you go, even your kids school is doing something. There is no escaping valentines atmosphere that has taken over everything.

The celebration of love is everywhere, however for some, it is a day that is one of the biggest reminders of how love failed them, it is a reminder of the hurt and pain of a separation or divorce or the loss of a spouse or partner. The very essence of this day, make them feels physically sick.

What if i told you that it doesnt have to be this way? What if i told you there was a way to smile maybe even feel joy on Valentines Day 2019?

Well there is, and it starts by taking Valentine Days back, you need to own this day!

  1. Start in at least a week in advance planning this day.
  2. Talk to your children about the day, I am sure many of us try to pretend like the day do not exist, well this year do not do this.
  3. Create a vibe of love, joy and devotion in your home.
  4. Ask your kids to help you hand make beautiful little cards or little trinkets, with sayings of hope, love and blessings, make a big deal out of it. (Make sure you make very special cards for your kids from you, use old pictures of them, recreate the moment they were born, show them how much you love them).
  5. Wake up early that morning and enjoy a breakfast with your amazing kids, remind them that today is about celebrating all forms of love and it starts by showing love to even a complete stranger. Ask them to take 3 cards/trinkets each and give it to 3 children in school that look sad, lost or lonely today. Remind them that Valentines day is about spreading the lesson of love and it starts by opening their hearts and first giving love.
  6. Get home early from work and make a lovely dinner with your kids, after eating make small parcels of food that is left over add a card or trinket to the parcel, take the kids to a homeless shelter or a place where there are people in need, with your kids hand out these little parcels of love. The smiles and blessings you will receive will resonate with your soul.

You see the lesson here is, yes Valentines Day is about love but more importantly it is about SELFLESS LOVE. After this you and your children’s Valentines Day will never be the same.

So this Valentines spread the lesson of love and you will even forget why you ever hated this day.

Childhood Headaches

We are now well into the second month of the new year, the holidays are fast becoming a fading memory.

It is back to early mornings, lunches, extra mural routines, play dates, deadlines, bake sales, PTA meetings, the list goes on and on, and in the midst of all this activities, your baby girl, who is just 7 years old, has now complained with a headache. You slam the breaks on life!

Firstly headaches in children are common, and usually subside with little or no treatment. Since kids have gone back to school and are most likely not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep or stressing about the school year ahead, these could easily be contributing and normal factors to the reason for her headache.

Now, there are a few time when cause for concern may arise;

1. When the pain is severe and unrelenting despite acetaminophen or ibuprofen, at this point you must consult a medical professional for help.

2. When there is a fever and stiff neck with the headache, it could be a sign of a virus however especially if there is vomiting, it is cause for concern and one should seek medical help immediately as there could be a serious underlying factor.

3. If a headache is accompanied by vomiting, difficulty in walking and drowsiness then one should seek medical attention ASAP.

One important factor to rule out is eyesight problems, often children are straining their eyes in school, hence they get repeated headaches. It is vital to ensure your children have had eyesight assessments at least once a year.

Here are a few Natural Remedy tricks for mild to moderate headaches in children,

1) Get your child hydrated, lots of water, Coconut water is a champion, it is full of electrolytes and will keep cells superbly hydrated. Herbal teas are another great form of hydration for your little ones.

2) Increase your child’s magnesium intake via their diet. A great number of the worlds population suffer from magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is very important for the body as it relaxes the mind and body, and works wonders for headaches.

3) Essential oils such as lavender and peppermint essential oils work really well, while lavender relaxes the head muscles peppermint helps with the yucky nauseous feeling in your child’s belly.

4) Cold compress, applying cold or frozen compresses to the neck or head area, decreases inflammation, slows nerve conduction and constricts blood vessels, all of which help reduce headache pain.

5) Yoga and meditation, these are vital developmental factors that need to be made more prominent in growing children, it is soothing to the mind and comforting to the body, one should encourage their child to begin yoga and meditation as early as possible.

There are many different types of headaches and it is important to ensure that a medical professional is consulting should the pain continue.

Hope this helps, remember your super power is being a great parent.

Holiday season break ups

If you are apart of the many people who have broken up with their partners, you may feel alone, but you are not. In fact “holiday break ups” are extremely common.

The weeks before Christmas is a bad time for relationships. As we approach the year end, people tend to reflect on their lives, and sadly sometimes their partners no longer fit into their plans.

It’s amazing how much loneliness and loss can hurt, epsecially around this time of year when everyone around you seems to be happy.. The hurt can be so intense, it’s almost physical. After all the concept of these holidays are about happy families. Everywhere you go reminds you of this.

My advice on surviving these ‘holiday break ups” is,

If you are invited for parties, go! Now I know it may be difficult attending these events alone but it is better then staying home alone sobbing. Go to the movies watch the best comedy ever, “laughter after all is the best medicine”. Spend time taking care of you, do a spa day, indulge in your favorite ice cream, wear that dress that you love but could not  wear because it upset him. Start a list of all the things you would not have been able to do this holiday if you were in that relationship. (PS, this will amaze you).

And if someone asks about the break up just say you needed to spring clean your life after all almost all new beginnings start with a bad ending.f8c4087b5a5d1a7023848c08015d7f77--breakup-funny-stuff



Monday Motivation

How many of us hate Mondays???? I know I used to be one of the people who despised Monday, I simply hated the thought of Monday until, I realised something, “Monday really is just a state of mind”. Monday is the day were a new week is before you, with new starts and endless possibilities. Mondays are a way to build something new, fix the yesterdays, mend the hearts, correct your errors and start fresh.

Every Monday is our chance to change our lives, begin your morning with energy, feel that fire in your belly burn, imagine your week ahead to be one filled with success, picture what you want to achieve and picture exactly how you plan to achieve it,  most importantly feel the joy of achieving the goals you set for this week. Feel the pride you have in yourself for accomplishing these goals, you see once you can truly feel this moment of success, it creates a craving deep within your mind, which fuels your actions for the week ahead.

Now I know Monday’s can be stressful because it means we might have to face negative people a work, but remember when you woke up this Monday morning you chose happiness!

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what brings joy to your heart”

Advice Aunt’s Monday Tip :

Have an Avocado for breakfast because Avocados are not only a fruit which has a sweet taste; it has a sweet effect on your mood as well. it contains Serotonin just like Asparagus, which boosts your mood because it is a happy hormone.


I will praise you in the storm

May the protection of our Lord be upon you brave Lisa. Will be following you and praying for your recovery. Many blessings sent your way.

Through the storm

First, let me start by saying, I never thought I’d be writing a blog. (Or trying to anyway) But here I am, sharing something that is deeply personal. As I have been thinking about possibly doing this, I hope that I can be an encouragement & Glorify Jesus in every post. And if I’m able to encourage one person, then I will have done well. (in my opinion😉)

So here goes, my name is Lisa, I’m a Jesus loving wife, homeschooling mama of 4 who LOVES to read & was told by doctors, at the age of 35, I have stage 2 triple positive breast cancer, with lymph node involvement. That’s what the doctors have said anyway. I’m still standing on God’s word- Isaiah 53:5

“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his…

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Thoughts on Foothill Drive


Mae's Mind

Took myself to lunch today. Just the way I like it. Actually, I’m sitting here at the table waiting for my food right now. I put my phone away so I could just enjoy my mind and the things around me. I’m surrounded by gossiping people. Literally each table I tune in to consists of one person telling a loud story with a snarky voice and flailing arms, with the others at the table either trying their hardest to look like they’re listening when I know their minds are wandering the way mine does, or listening to the story with a wide mouth and a common “noooo, really?” My favorite snippet I heard was “Yes, he said that. And in MY Sunday school class!” Utah. That’s all I have to say. But, somehow I love it. I find it so funny the typical Utah people. Just, Utah. But, as I…

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First Day Of Christmas…. It’s here!!!

It is the first of December 2017, OMG were has this year gone.

Its officially the first day of the Christmas season has arrived. This time of year brings so much of love, joy and kindness to the world, it is when we are reminded of what our loved one’s mean to us, we look back at the homes we have build and it fills our hearts with so much pride, we are over come with joy when we are reflect on the dreams we made come true and the obstacles we have over come.

However today also makes me think of those whom this season is not very kind too, those folk who have to leave their families at home to serve us. I speak of the shop assistants, the waiters, the doctors, the nurses, the police, all these kind , selfless people who make our festive season amazing, let’s remember to be kind to them. Take some time out of this festive season to bring joy to those who are homeless, those who are orphan, those who has lost loved ones and those who are fighting personal battles.

Christmas is indeed a season to be jolly, so let’s spread the joy, touch as many people’s lives as you can this Christmas, remember to someone who is alone in this season, your kind gesture can change their whole world.

“Christmas is not so much about opening presents, it is about opening our hearts”.

Advice Aunt’s festive tip :

1\4 teaspoon bicarbonate soda in a glass of water to combat acid refulx from all the yummy festive foods.